2018 Exhibiting Artists


Shabez Jamal

"A Free Space Between Intersections," celebrates queer Black men at the intersection of race and equality, contrasted against the backdrop of desertion and abandonment. The vibrant photographs are a means to claim space in the discussion about equality and bring Black queer bodies into open spaces. January 5 - February 24.



Amber Adkins

Separate / Illuminate is comprised of mixed media work as an exploration of loss and resiliency. Her abstracted images of the natural world are are cut up and hand-stitched back together. The hand-stitched repairs in black linen are highlighted with gold thread, a nod to the Japanese art of Kintsugi. Her imagery and color pallet are reminiscent of Pacific Northwest Landscapes and speak to feelings of separation and sadness, but also of healing and hope. March 2 - April 28.



Kyle Brandt-Lubart
May - June

Alexander Hollingsworth
July - August

Elizabeth M. Willey
Encaustic Paintings
September - October